We are now located in Crystal Beach ONTARIO. Please let us know how we can help.

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Our Story

The Computer Edge was in Business in Oakville for more than 22 years. We have recently moved to Crystal Beach. We have some of the most experienced Staff in the Industry. Please let us know if you have any questions. 


Our Services

We provide a full range of services including:

Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10, or Windows 10 to Windows 11 starting at $69.99

Virus, spyware, malware, adware scan from $34.99

In house Data Backup including virus scan from $49.99

Data Recovery. We can recover your valuable data from most damaged hard drives

System Upgrades. Sometimes a RAM upgrade and a tuneup can extend the life of your PC or Laptop by years

System Diagnostics

Custom built and prebuilt laptops and desktops


System tune-ups

Laptop screen and keyboard replacements

Remote System Service. Have your computer looked at from the comfort of your home


top brands

We carefully choose the best product available in the industry. 


We carry the full line of Intel CPUs to help you build a desktop within your budget.


We carry the full line of AMD CPUs to help you build a desktop within your budget.


We have over 300 different laptops available from all the major manufacturers.


1. Perform regular virus scans. At least once a week. We recommmend using Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender as your antivirus program. It is free and just as accurate as any paid version.

2. Install, update and run Malwarebytes and Superantispyware scans on a regular basis. At least once a week.

3. Keep all your Acrobat products up to date. They have some of the biggest security holes. This includes Acrobat Reader and Flash.

4. Do not download free music. You will get a virus!!! If your system is crippled by a virus, a virus scan, data backup and Windows install will run approximately $190.00. You could buy 190 songs for that.

5. Backup your data, Backup your data, Backup your data, Backup your data. If your drive dies it will cost a minimum of $600.00 for data recovery. Average cost is closer to $1000.00. A 1TB external hard drive is about $70.00. This is a lot cheaper than a data recovery. Backup your data, Backup your data, Backup your data.

6. Do not surf the Web for porn.

7. Do not download pirated software.

8. Have your computer looked at twice a year. Treat your computer like a car. You do not wait for your car to break do you?

9. Backup your data.

10. Perform a disk cleanup and a defrag once a month.

11. Do not install registry cleaners, memory managers etc. The more you install into Windows, the slower it will run.

12. If you use a laptop, make sure that you use it on a hard surface at all times. Using it on a bed or couch will cause it to overheat and will cut the life of it in half.

13. For some reason a lot of people buy an external hard drive and move all their data to the external drive thinking that their data is backed up. Its not. That external drive will die one day. Then what? In order to have a "Backup" of your data it has to be in 2 places, so when one drive dies, as they all do, the data is still on the other drive. All "good" external drives come with descent backup software. This is what sets them apart. The software will "copy" all your data to the external drive so when one of your drives die, you still have all your data on the other.

14. As laptops get older, the screws that hold it together tend to get loose. Turn it over every 6 months and use a micro phillips screwdriver to tighten all the screws. A loose chassis can cause the memory to jar loose causing motherboard damage. Also, clean the CPU fan duct with a can of compressed air every few months.

what customers say about us


This is the second time I've used the computer repair services here, and I couldn't be more satisfied. My laptop had a loose connection and I was given a quote for the part + labour. Before Ken was going to install the new part, he took everything apart, cleaned it, and put it back together, which fixed the issue. He also did a general cleanup/optimization of my pc. He only charged me a very fair price for his three hours of labour.

In a market in which less-than-savvy customers are at the mercy of repair shops (like with car mecahnics), it is so very refreshing to have a technician you can trust, and Ken is one of the very few


Vik m

Ken helped me choose a very good laptop for my son going into a mech eng program. He also beautifuly repaired my i7 iMac a while back, but back to my current reason. At first I went to Staples as it's close by and I live in Mississauga. I was thinking of going to see Ken but busy life etc. The expert at Staples recommended a very expensive gaming computer because of the powerful graphics card and I actually had bought one but buyers remorse made me go to Oakville to talk to Ken. All you parents of mech eng students, did you know that the video cards in gaming computers is the exact opposite of what you need? Design programs need a high triangle low refresh card, gaming needs a high refresh and low triangle card! So Ken got us a good solid laptop with the graphic card that is actually recommended by Solidworks for a fraction of the price. Don't go elsewhere, it's worth the drive to Oakville. Actually going to go see Ken today if the weather isn't too bad for a laptop for my son's twin sister. See you soon Ken...

don m

We had a screen crack on a loaner laptop and needed it fixed quickly. With it being so close to the Christmas holidays, it would be tough to get it fixed ASAP. However, Ken was super helpful and prioritized the repair; he had it done in 2 days. I’m so happy we went here. Would highly recommend. Thank you Ken!

nikita h

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